The Industries We Serve

Our investments in facilities and infrastructure are geared to effectively service customers in key growth industries. Our facilities are certified to the highest standards necessary to meet the expectations of customers.

Aerospace and Defense

Select sites are AS9100C certified to ensure the highest standards are met for our aerospace, defense, and military customers. OSI Electronics complies strictly with ITAR requirements, and our Manufacturing Execution System allows us to maintain process and product quality programs that meet the exacting needs of our customers.

Special system and process capabilities that demonstrate our ability to serve this space include vendor management, environmental testing, soldering and workmanship certifications to JSTD requirements, IPC 610B Class III, automated selective soldering equipment, and in-house automated conformal coating.

Medical and Life Sciences

Our certification to ISO13485 standards gives our customers assurance that our processes comply with the rigorous standards expected from the Medical and Life Sciences Markets.

The training programs we've implemented ensure that our staff is aware of the rigorous standards of the market. Our systems are capable of the traceability and process management controls necessary to service this market.

Industrial Equipment

All of our sites are ISO9001 certified and our processes have been developed to cater to a broad range of industrial and commercial products. We have the flexibility to adapt to the varying degrees of complexity demanded by our markets and customers.

Our current product portfolio ranges from simple and complex SMT assemblies, to cable and harness assemblies, and to box-build assemblies, complements OSI Electronics' ability to service the Industrial equipment market.

Automotive Assemblies

Our newest facility in Batam, Indonesia has been designed to serve Tier One automotive customers. Process controls and automated assembly equipment have been deployed to ensure that the demanding quality expectations of the automotive market are maintaining competitive pricing. These processes include component traceability, automated data collection, automated inspection equipment, automated selective soldering, and the implementation of our Manufacturing Execution System.